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Valletta Port Facts

Berthing Information
There are no arrival / departure time restrictions, except when national activities are carried out in port as on the 31st March and the 8th September.
Maximum length: 330m
Maximum width: no restrictions
Maximum beam: no restrictions
Maximum draught: 13.7m
Maximum passengers: no restrictions
Tide Variation: 0.3m.

Approach information
When vessels call at Maltese ports, pilotage is compulsory if vessels exceed 500 GT, except in cases where vessels are unable to obtain the services of a pilot owing to weather conditions and are authorised by the Malta Maritime Authority.

ETA to be communicated to the Valletta Port Control two hours prior to arrival. ETA contents should include Name of Vessel, Port of Registration, IMO Number, Length Overall, Draft, Beam, Agent, Nature of Cargo, Number of Passengers, Last Port of Call.

Pilot board vessels at the Fairway Buoy Pilot Station. In bad weather, however, boarding may be restricted to the harbour entrance.

Radio frequency – Call Sign 9HD, works throughout 24 hours with WT, RT and VHF. Radio Phone working frequency 2.625kHz. Listening frequency 2.182kHz.

VHF calls include Channels 12/14/16. These work 24 hours.

Pilot VHF Channel can be found on Channel 12.
Pilotage is compulsory for vessels exceeding 500 GT.
Pilots require 2 hours advance notice. Pilotage and mooring services are available on a 24 hour basis. Pilotage and mooring charges are as per regulations. Overtime rates apply.

Prevailing currents depend on weather conditions, while prevailing winds are North Westerly.

Port Operations & Services
Harbour is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cruise Terminal & Facilities
The Valletta Waterfront includes two terminals namely the Pinto Terminal and the Forni - Magazino Terminal. The restored historic buildings include state of the art check-in facilities, a comfortable waiting area, restroom facilities, baggage facilities and much more. Both terminals are accessible to passengers with special needs.

Safety & Security
Port facilities are ISPS-compliant.

Ship Supplies Services
The Malta Shipsuppliers Association incorporates the highest quality ship suppliers in Malta. The Association, a long standing member of ISSA (International Ship Suppliers Association), seeks to instill in its members a level of business practice that matches the high standards expected internationally.

Fuel Grades: IFO range from 380 to 30 CST, Gas Oil (Diesel)
Quay or barge: Bunker Barge/Road barge/Pipeline.

Fresh water available on request
Both by road bowser or barge.

Garbage, Sewage & Recycling
Both dry and wet garbage collection
Collection from quayside only
Facilities transport by road truck
Ship-generated waste regulations apply 
Sludge disposal available.

Tugs available
Tugs not compulsory
Towage regulations apply  
See service directory for supplier.

Available 24 hours.

Port Officials
The Port Duty Officer is available for duty at any time of the day and may be contacted outside regular office hours through the Valletta Port Control on +356 22914411/413 or night  +356 99494313.

Stevedoring services available.

Telephone lines can be installed on board on request with prior notice (against a charge).

Port Charges
Port charges are charged at a standard rate according to the Net Tonnage of a vessel. Rates are available from the Malta Maritime Authority.

Customs & Immigration
Customs officers, quarantine officials as well as immigration officials are available 24 hours a day.
Tour buses can be positioned on pier if registered with VISET Security Department for Port of Calls only.
Ship Repair Facilities
Any length of vessel
Maximum tonnage: 300,000 DWT.

Dredging undertaken by the Malta Maritime Authority (approaches and fairway) and by the terminal operator alongside the quayside.
Retail & Commercial Facilities
Various retail facilities including duty-free shopping and souvenir shops
Food & Beverage facilities
Public phones
Full banking facilities including ATM facilities and foreign exchange
Internet connections for individual use
Postbox on the Valletta Waterfront promenade (nearest post office in Valletta)
All major credit cards accepted.

Transport Facilities
Numerous transportation services are available to and from the Valletta Sea Passenger Terminal including taxi, bus, horsecab, traditional boat and air transport. Car rental and parking facilities are also available.

The data/information is correct at the time of publishing and may change without prior notice.