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Q. Which cruise lines offer regular services out of Valletta?
A. All major lines visit the Port of Valletta. During 2008 five cruise lines were offering weekly cruises from and to Malta namely Costa Crociere, MSC Crociere, Pullmantur Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Other cruise lines offered less frequent cruises starting and ending in Malta including Clipper Cruises, Club Mediterranee, Companies des Iles du Ponant, Elegant Cruises, Kristina Cruises, Noble Caledonia, Sea Cloud Cruises, Sea Dream Yacht Club, and Windstar Cruises.

For a full list of visiting vessels refer to our monthly cruise schedule.

Q. How do I book a cruise?
A. You can book a cruise by contacting your local travel agent or by accessing the cruise company’s website and booking directly from the website.

Q. How far is it from the Cruise Terminal to the airport?
A. The Malta International Airport in Luqa is approximately 15 minutes drive from the Valletta Sea Passenger Terminal, where taxis are readily available. The airport services major regional and international air carriers.

Q. What transportation services are available to and from the Valletta Sea Passenger Terminal?
A. Bus - Booths from where to book your bus service to Valletta are available on the Valletta Waterfront promenade. Traditional Maltese bus also available. Tourist Bus – A hop on, hop off tourist bus service is available at the proximity of the terminal.  Tickets can be purchased either from the booking booth right in front of the Forni Terminal exit from the quay or directly from the bus driver.

Horse-cabs – These offer traditional horse cab rides to the City and around Valletta.  The service is available in the road adjacent right outside the Forni Terminal and prices are negotiable with the cab driver.

Taxi - A booking office right in front of the Forni Terminal exit from the quay is available providing taxi services and tours at established rates.  Once the ticket is purchased, one can collect any taxi waiting on the road outside the Terminal.

Traditional Dghajsa (boat) – These are available from the booths on the Valletta Waterfront promenade.  

Please visit Transport for further transport information.

Q. Can you recommend a hotel to stay in/near the Valletta Sea Passenger Terminal?
A. Various accommodation options are available in close proximity to Valletta and within Valletta itself. These range from luxury five star hotels, four and three star options as well as self-catering facilities. For further information on accommodation facilities and reservations go to the Malta Tourism Authority’s Accommodation Directory.

Q. I am travelling with a guide dog or pet. How shall I go about it?
A. Fill in the Application for Import or Transit Authorisation for Live Animals and send it on the email address on the sheet, with ample time before port arrival. You will be directed accordingly as to the next steps on receipt of this document by the Regulation Department.

Q. Where shall I go to embark my cruise?
A. Cruise embarkations and check-in are done at Magazino Terminal.  This terminal can be found on your way to Floriana from the Marsa side OR on your way to Marsa right after going down Crucifix Hill in Floriana, right beside the Valletta Waterfront Police Station.
Q. At what time should I be at the Terminal in order to embark on my cruise?
A. Plan to arrive and check in around the time your cruise line/travel agent recommends. The Terminal procedures DO NOT require the passenger to be at the Terminal 2 hours before departure, but a good 15-30mins before check in time is suggested.  However, do not arrive late as this can lead to starting your holiday on the wrong foot. This is to be kept in mind throughout the whole cruise experience.

Q. What is the procedure once I arrive at Magazino Terminal?
A. Once dropped off at the terminal and upon entry you will be requested to give your name to our security guard.  Only embarking passengers are allowed entry to the terminal.  Well-wishers are not allowed access beyond security check point.  Once inside luggage is deposited at the Luggage Drop-off Point and handled by baggage porters, which then take them to the vessel.  Embarkation times are displayed inside and passengers are called once check-in starts.

Q. Do I need to present any form of documentation to enter the Terminal and embark the vessel? 
A. Each person will be required to have photo identification and their cruise line ticket to enter the Terminal. Minor children with their parents do not need photo identification. Requirements for boarding the ship are more stringent. Please check with your cruise line for specific information on documents necessary for boarding the ship. Most lines will provide you with a vessel card which is to be presented each time you embark the ship, in order to avoid having carrying your passport with you. Please remember to keep such documents in a safe place.

Q. What is the luggage procedure once I arrive at the Terminal?
A. Have your bags tagged with your name and cabin number before heading to the terminal. Luggage tags are often included in the packet provided by your travel agent. If this is not the case ask for extra tags, which can be given out by the baggage porters or hostess at Magazino Terminal.  Porters will transport your luggage on a baggage truck to the vessel from the designated location.

Q. Is there a place to store my luggage?
A. Short-term luggage storage is available at the various terminals against payment. For security reasons this service is available for cruise passengers only. Please contact Valletta Cruise Port Operations department on

Q. Is there a weight limit to luggage on a cruise?
A. Due to Health and Safety regulations, luggage should not exceed 32kgs.

Q. What if my luggage is damaged?
A. Luggage is inspected by the baggage porters and/or a Valletta Cruise Port official prior to your departure on a cruise as well as on your arrival.  In both cases, shall the luggage be damaged an Irregularity Baggage Report Form is filed. This has to be presented to your travel insurance agent in order to make a claim.

Q. Where can I drop or pick-up passengers using a personal vehicle, taxi or any other vehicle?
A. It is suggested that you drop-off/pick-up arriving passengers near to the Magazino Terminal. Please ensure that any arriving passengers are waiting for you in the area already to make pick-up (or drop-off) as quick as possible to avoid obstructing other vehicles.

Q. Where can I stand to greet arriving passengers?
A. Limited parking is available at the Atrium car park at the Valletta Sea Passenger Terminal, while more parking facilities are available at the MCP car park (entrance from Floriana). Valletta Cruise Port also provides parking at a cost on its quays depending on ship operations. There are also numerous food and beverage outlets offered at the Valletta Waterfront which can help you while-away your waiting time. It is best to wait until the passenger contacts you to tell you they have cleared Customs and Immigration to then arrive at the drop-off area and pick them up.

Q. Can I visit my relatives on board while the ship is in port?
A. For security reasons, lines do not allow visitors on board. If you want to send off your friends or family in style, it is suggested that you contact the local ship agent to arrange for a surprise in their cabin.

Q. On which berth will I find my ship?
A. Various well-displayed signage is provided around the vicinity of the Terminal pinpointing the direction to your particular ship.  If you have any further queries do not hesitate to ask one of the hosts or hostesses at the Terminal.

Q. Does the Terminal offer facilities for physically-challenged persons?
A.  The Terminal and other areas provide facilities for physically-challenged persons including ramps and toilet facilities.

Q. Are there any foreign exchange services at the Valletta Sea Passenger Terminal?
A. Bank facilities including foreign exchange services are available just outside the Terminal.

Q. Is there a Lost & Found office I can contact?
A. For any items lost on the vessel kindly contact the Hotel Reception.  For any items lost on the quay kindly contact the Terminal Operations.

Q. I am a non-EU resident. How can I get a refund of Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods purchased in Malta?
A. Since 1st May 2004, visitors to Malta who are residents outside the EU and are travelling to a final destination outside the European Community are entitled to reclaim VAT charged on goods purchased for personal and family use during their stay in the Maltese Islands and on which VAT has been paid. If you are a visitor to Malta and you wish to reclaim VAT, you may do so provided you satisfy certain requirements.

Claims for refund of VAT cannot be made on items which are wholly or partly consumed or used in Malta or in any other EU Member State.  Repayment shall only apply to goods where the value of such goods purchased from a single registered establishment as shown on a single receipt is not below 55 Euros and where the total value of goods purchased as relating to one departure from Malta to a final destination outside the Community in terms of regulation 3 hereof, is not below 315 Euros.

If you wish to apply for VAT refunds, you should fill in an application form, copies of which are available at the Customs exit points of the seaport and have it stamped at the last point of departure before finally leaving the European Union. The said application form is to be sent directly in the envelope provided to the VAT Department, Malta along with the original fiscal receipts.

Payment to applicants will be made by draft payable at applicant’s address in the currency indicated in the application form. An administrative fee of 23 Euros or 4% of the refund claimed, whichever is the higher, will be deducted.

In case of difficulty regarding eligibility or application conditions one may contact during normal office hours the VAT Department on or telephone number 00356 21499330 – 4.

Q. What shopping facilities are available at the Valletta Sea Passenger Terminal and in Valletta?
A. A variety of shopping outlets are available at the Valletta Waterfront including Duty-Free shopping. A variety of local products are on offer including hand-blow glass, limestone carvings, pottery, hand-made lace, gold and silver filigree, and local foodstuffs and wines. Gifts for the ones back home are diverse including gifts for the little ones! An array of reading material is also available.

Our Duty-Free shopping facilities offer exceptional value in beverages, cigarettes, perfumes and other products by a wide range of renowned brands.

Valletta is also peppered with shops providing a variety of retail options.

Q. Where can I find further information on attractions in Valletta and around the Maltese Islands?
A. Although in this website we have attempted to give you a quick overview of what the Maltese Islands have to offer for the cruise / ferry passenger, we have included a comprehensive list of Links giving you further information. Cruise lines also provide their own excursions.

Q. What is the best way to arrive in Valletta?
A. Valletta is a 20 minute walk (uphill) away from the Terminal. It is recommended to take either a taxi ride costing 10 Euros per cab (max. 4 adults) or the public bus route with payment on the bus or by horse carriage at circa 35/45 Euros (price negotiable, always pay after the actual service is received). 

Q. What are my rights as a passenger when travelling by sea?
A. As per EU Regulation 1177/2010 you may find a summary of your rights on: 

Full details are available on:

Q. I am interested in employment opportunities with the cruise or ferry lines. Who should I contact to get more information?
A. It is suggested that you browse the cruise lines or ferry lines website directly where you will find information on employment opportunities with the respective cruise lines.

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