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Cruise Passenger Movements August 2010

News Release

10 September 2010

During August 2010, twenty-two cruise liners called in the Port of Valletta.

These vessels carried 51,526 passengers. This figure is actually a marginal drop of 7.3% for the same month last year.

During the 2010 third quarter, the drop is largely attributable to the decision by one of the Lines to follow a different Mediterranean itinerary to that of last year.

However, on a general scale, the number of passengers who called in the Port of Valletta since January 2010 stands at 298,409 compared to 240,822 passengers registered during the first eight months of 2009. That marks an increase of 24 per cent on last year when technically the effects of an international recession on consumer spending have not yet subsided.

The expected improvement in business in 2010, when compared to 2009 strengthens VISET's resolve to pursue its business development whilst at the same time promote the port of Valletta and Malta as a safe, reliable and emerging key cruise destination in the Mediterranean.

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