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Small Children decorate the Christmas Tree

News Release

7 December 2010

As soon as one enters Valletta Waterfront Christmas Village, which is being held at the old power station throughout the month of December, one can't possibly miss out the large Christmas tree with its colourful and unusual decorations.

Well, these decorations are certainly special! In fact, the decorations for the tree have been made by children attending four different child care centers. These were made as part of their "messy activities" at the Centres, using recycled material such as old cereal boxes, old CDs, remnants of fabric, plastic bottles, other packaging materials, old Christmas decorations, etc.

These materials were provided by the children's families themselves as well as by the staff and are made up with love by the children and with the professional guidance of the Centre's staff.

A special thanks to the children and their parents and all the staff at the following child care centres:

Nannakola Childcare Centre, Gharghur  2.	Kidstart Childcare & Development Centre, Sta Venera  Lelluxa Childcare Centre, Luqa

Kidstart, Lelluxa, Pepprina and Nannakola are all operated by Vista Coop

Kidstart, Lelluxa, Pepprina and Nannakola are all operated by Vista Coop but whilst Kidstart in St Venera is completely privately owned by Vista Coop, Lelluxa in Luqa, Pepprina in Paola and Nannakola in Gharghur are owned by the government and operated by Vista Coop through a Public-Private Partnership agreement.

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