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Architecture Project (AP) Selected for the Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture 2011 Catalogue

Architecture Project (AP) Valletta have been selected as part of a group of honourable mentions in the prestigious Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture. The award scheme is over thirty years old, founded by architect Philippe Rotthier whose aim from the initiation of the scheme has been to identify architecture which transmits the meaning and spirit of its site, which is respectful of its context and yet meets contemporary needs.

The structure of the award scheme is such that a jury made up of high profile professionals and experts in the field of architecture study the project portfolios sent in by architects and make a selection for the most outstanding projects. This year’s jury was comprised of Mrs Anna Heringer, architect, Mrs Katia Pecnik, journalist, Mr Christian Biecher, architect, Mr Ben Bolgar, architect, Mr André Jacqmain, architect, Mr Christian Lasserre, economist, Mr Jean-Paul Midant, historian, Mr William Pesson, architect, Mr Jean-Baptiste Pietri, architect, Mr Paolo Portoghesi, architect, theorist and professor of architecture. They gathered on 24th and 25th June 2011 to select the awarded projects.

The theme for this year’s award scheme was named The Age of Renovation, and sought to discover projects which in some aspect helped to regenerate an urban setting. The Valletta Waterfront and Cruise Passenger Terminalhas been selected to be exhibited and illustrated in the awards scheme catalogue, along with thirty other projects from top international which will also be presented.The Maltese project will be exhibited and presented in the catalogue of the exhibition, which will take place from 16th October to 20th November 2011 at the Architecture Museum - the Lodge, 86 rue de l’Ermitage in Brussels, before being presented in Paris and other cities.

The Valletta Waterfront and Cruise Passenger Terminal project, upon which work was begun by AP in 1999, includes the contemporary intervention of an insertion of a new Cruise Passenger Terminal at the foot of the baroque Pinto Stores. This intervention develops on the genus loci of Valletta, to add yet another layer to the rich historic stratification of the Grand Harbour. Pinto Stores was selected as an ideal location for the terminal since it constitutes an important part of the historic waterfront. The lines of the various flows of people in transit on site provided the core dimensions of the project. This network of connections was translated into areas, and subsequently into volumes, ultimately providing the formal composition of the project.

AP operates as a network of architectural design practices with offices in Malta (1991), Croatia (2005) and UK (2007). Historical and technical research is at the core of the office’s concern with design, partnered with an inherent dedication to context and heritage. Architecture design, master planning, restoration theory & practice, sustainable architecture, engineering services, education and publishing are the core areas of expertise of AP’s team of around 50 professionals.

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