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Mdina Glass wins award

Mdina Glass has won the Innovation Award during an event organised by the Ministry for Fair Competition, Small Business and Consumers. The Award recognises Maltese companies and individuals for innovative and creative products. 

The product awarded was a glass installation in a private garden. While the same concept was used, one item is a fountain, while the other is a sculpture that represents the vegetation located in the surroundings.

The fountain is made up of over 1600 glass spirals. These spirals are crafted in different sizes, with colors specifically chosen to create a positive impact on the garden while complimenting the vegetation and the environment. The blue of the sky is reflected in three different shades of blue, while the different green color of leaves and other vegetables of the garden are reflected in a spiral of four different shades of green glass, while the brown represents the soil and natural rock found in the garden. Transparent and frosted glass was also used in order to have different effects created by any water droplets falling on this glass.

The main idea of this installation is to broaden the use of decorative glass from one of function and decoration of interior spaces for that decoration of external spaces. This is a form of modern sculpture that can create an impact both in public places and private places while encouraging the talent and creativity of designers and workers of Mdina Glass.

Mdina Glass can be found at the Valletta Waterfront, offering a vast selection of artistic and functional glassware in both traditional and contemporary shapes and colors.

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