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Mersenne Yachts Ltd awarded sole distributor status in Southern Italy, Malta and North Africa for Windy Boats

Windy Boats

Mersenne Yachts Ltd, part of the Mersenne Group that operates Laguna Marina at Valletta Waterfront, are pleased to announce it has been awarded sole distributor status in Southern Italy, Malta and North Africa for Windy Boats.

An award winning, Northern European premium brand of maritime craftsmanship is coming to Malta. Windy Boats, are the manufacturer of the Windy 31 Zonda, voted 'European Power Boat of the Year 2013’ and the Windy 29 Coho, nominated for “European Power Boat of the Year 2014” and specialise in the 25-58 foot range.

Dean Bucknell, director of Mersenne Group said: “We are pleased to represent a brand in Malta that represents a European benchmark for quality and attention to detail in the industry, the exact same principles we are applying to the services offered at Laguna Marina, Valletta Waterfront”.

Knut Heiberg-Andersen, President/CEO of Windy Boats added: “ ..with the Mersenne Group in Malta, we are convinced that we have found the perfect partner for Windy Boats in this region. We share many of the same values and ambition and are looking forward to bringing our Scandinavian quality boats to Malta and beyond”.

About Windy Boats

Windy Boats AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Periscopus AS, Oslo, Norway - a privately owned holding company with interests which include publishing, media, hotels and property. The renowned WINDY boats are built at our modern and well equipped production facilities at Skarpnes, just outside Arendal on the southern coast of Norway. The Company employs 160 people producing models ranging from 25 to 58 feet in our WINDY range; and from 26 to 28 feet in our Windy Oceancraft range.

All their models are hand-built by skilled craftsmen. The fine woodwork and exclusive textiles are important distinguishing features of a Windy in just the same way as the modern technology involved in the construction materials, and the control and propulsion systems. Pride in craftsmanship is something that has been handed down through centuries of Norwegian boat building. Windy boats are built in an area which is at the very heart of the Norwegian boat building tradition, in Arendal on the south coast of Norway.

It was in this same town that the first wooden pleasure boats were built for the country's prosperous sailing-ship masters and owners. In these waters, kings and princes competed in yacht races in their beautiful metre boats. This is where fibreglass boats first appeared in 1953. All of this tradition is embodied in a Windy.

When Windy Boats AS was established in 1966, a fine leisure boat was created first and foremost thanks to the skilled craftsmanship that had been handed down through the generations. It is still the case today that the craftsman has the greatest influence on the finished product, however, dialogue with the market inspires our creativity in different directions, involving new ideas and an alternative way of thinking. During this development process, our architects are assisted by extremely precise IT tools. Simulation software enables us to optimise the characteristics on which we intend to focus in a new Windy. Three-dimensional imaging simplifies the choices we have to make during the process that leads to the final product.

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