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Valletta Waterfront restaurants awarded at the 2014 WRMC Malta Restaurant Awards

During the presentation dinner of the 2014 WRMC Malta Restaurant Awards held on the 27th January, a number of Valletta Waterfront outlets were awarded, with points scored for: ambience, decor, cuisine quality, preparation and presentation, staff and management attitude towards clients and overall demeanor, value for money commensurate with the concept of the restaurant, wine list and mark-up.

Both Pepe Nero and Pintonino Restaurants were awarded a WRMC Blue Riband as part of the WRMC Blue Riband 30 Best Restaurants in the Maltese Islands award. Meanwhile Q Bar & Restaurant was awarded a WRMC Family-Oriented Casual Dining Restaurant Award as part of the 10 Best Restaurants in the Maltese Islands under this category.

All selected restaurants were assessed, through strict initial inspections, and have been further visited on not less than two occasions by the survey teams and appointed assessors. Those that have been shortlisted as being of the highest standard for further consideration, for the Blue Riband Award, have been further inspected by appointed professional inspectors who visit each restaurant as normal clients on not less than three separate occasions The whole dining experience is professionally assessed and restaurants must score a minimum of 8.5 points out of 10 to be considered as a candidate for even further inspections.

Meanwhile Valletta Cruise Port operators of the Valletta Waterfront sponsored a special award pertaining to the Valletta Waterfront, with the aim of retaining and improving the product and service offer of the Valletta Waterfront outlets. Adjudicated by an independent team of assessors from WRMC, the awards for top restaurants went to Pepe Nero Restaurant, Pintonino Restaurant, and Q Bar & Restaurant.

Pepe Nero being awarded as top restaurant 

Pintonino being awarded as top restaurant

Q Bar & Restaurant being awarded as top restaurant

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