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Hard Rock Cafe Malta announces lineup for first world burger tour

For the first time ever, Hard Rock Cafe Malta gives guests a backstage pass to sample Local Legendary™ Burger offerings, showcasing the flavor and ingredients at Hard Rock locations across the globe as part of its new World Burger Tour menu. These unique burger “acts” from five continents will take center stage at Hard Rock Cafe Malta beginning on Friday, May 15 through Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

Hard Rock gives chefs at their cafes the freedom to create a unique Legendary Burger that captures the local flavors of their city and is only available at that cafe location…until now! More than 150 local burgers were evaluated by Hard Rock’s culinary team, with fan favorites selected to star on a limited-time World Burger Tour menu.  These four burgers will be featured at Hard Rock Cafe Malta in addition to its unique Local Legendary, The Maltese. From the Lancashire Hot Pot Burger in Manchester, to the Andean Burger in Santa Cruz, Hard Rock’s Local Legendary Burgers are packing their bags (or buns) and heading out to Hard Rock Cafes with a special stop at Hard Rock Cafe Malta!

“Hard Rock’s Local Legendary Burgers have been fan favorites for more than 40 years,” said Antonio Bautista, Senior Vice President of Franchise Cafes for Hard Rock International. “The World Burger Tour is a celebration of these burgers and the unique, culinary talent that Hard Rock embraces around the world.”

Sizzling headliners that will be featured at Hard Rock Cafe Malta at Valletta Waterfront as part of Hard Rock Cafe’s World Burger Tour menu include:
• Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger – double battered fried jalapeno slices and jalapeno cream cheese bring the heat, along with crisp lettuce, vine-ripened tomato and red onion, served with Sriracha mayo and seasoned friend.
• Date Burger – this United Arab Emirates Legendary features a beef patty topped with rich date chutney, diced fresh dates and a dollop of cream cheese
• Lancashire Hot Pot Burger – this English Legendary features a juicy lamb burger broiled until tender and topped with caramelized onions, crispy carrot frazzles and mint mayonnaise
• The Andean Burger – this Bolivian Legendary features a beef patty topped with tender avocado slices, a fried egg, melted Cheddar cheese and garlic mayonnaise

“Local chefs at Hard Rock Cafes take great pride in conceptualizing and creating a Local Legendary Burger that perfectly captures the culinary essence of their home city,” said Russell Booth, Executive Chef for Hard Rock International.  “I speak for each of them when I say we’re excited to take our Legends on the road this summer!”

Just like the artists whose memorabilia lines the walls at Hard Rock locations worldwide, the burgers that Hard Rock Cafe serves are nothing short of “Legendary.” All Legendary Burgers feature the highest quality meats, fresh ingredients, savory sauces and rich, melted cheeses.

As part of the World Burger Tour menu, Hard Rock Cafe Malta has partnered with world-famous beer Carlsberg.

Guests can stop by Hard Rock Cafe Malta to try out the latest items or visit for more information.

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