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Port Safety & Security

Port safety and security is a key aspect in Mediterranean ports and this matter is given its due importance at the Port of Valletta.

Valletta Cruise Port makes significant investment in safety including investment in infrastructure, technology, policy and procedure.

Valletta Cruise Port along with other parties helps to ensure the safe entry and exit from the port of any vessel, plus a secure stay whilst in the Port of Valletta. Precautions have been taken against unlawful acts such as terrorism, theft, sabotage and others. Valletta Cruise Port’s facilities are in fact fully compliant with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and other Port Security Regulations. 

Due to increased security, travellers should allow extra time both to check in and pass through security clearance points. While these measures may inconvenience passengers, the safety and security of passengers is of the highest priority.

A number of safety procedures may apply:

  • Photo identification for persons over 16 years of age may be requested.
  • Passengers travelling with children must have appropriate identification verifying that the child is under their direct responsibility
  • No guest visitors will be permitted aboard any vessel.
  • Only ticketed passengers will be allowed past the security checkpoints.
  • Passengers and hand-carried items may be subject to searches.

Common sense and diligence on the passenger’s side is also very important for his/her own safety.


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