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The Future

For centuries, the Port of Valletta has been regarded as one of the finest and safest natural havens in the Mediterranean. With an investment of over 30 million Euros, Valletta Cruise Port (previously VISET Malta plc) is constantly striving to improve its offer with a particular focus on quality, a functional and a professional approach to service delivery, lower costs for cruise lines by increasing efficiency, and actively promoting destination Malta.

Valletta Cruise Port is engaged in activities that unite the historic experience with modern innovation to develop more transportation and other economic activities connected with the port. Valletta Cruise Port’s vision is to offer a superior service as a contemporary Mediterranean port, both as an established port-of-call and a budding homeport.
Conscious of the port's role as a driving force within Malta’s economy, Valletta Cruise Port has already entered into important agreements with bodies and enterprises aimed at defining the strategic lines of development, while proactively pursuing projects increasing quality and improving the cost-benefit ratio to the various users.

Our strategy is based on a strong emphasis on the product; on high quality services; a healthy environment and regular events that promote Valletta and Malta as an experience rather than just another destination. The harmonious blend between the past, present and future has made the Valletta Waterfront one of the most sought-out destinations by locals, cruise passengers and tourists alike.

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