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Hi Sushi

Hi Sushi Malta is a recently opened contemporary Japanese and Fusion restaurant situated in the capital city of Malta, which is a popular tourist destination and located in the heart of the cruise liner harbour, Valletta Waterfront.

The logo "HI" in Japanese represents a flame (火), while Sushi is known as one of the most popular foods worldwide. Hi Sushi aims to provide the finest far eastern cuisines to local Asian and oriental food enthusiasts. Our signature Japanese and Fusion-inspired dishes are carefully prepared with flavours that cater to luxurious dining experiences in a contemporary style.

The menu includes traditional Japanese ramen, sushi, fresh seafood, sashimi, and a variety of Chinese and Korean fusion dishes. One fantastic aspect is our innovative ordering process that incorporates modern technology through self-ordering systems using iPads with visually displayed real photos. This provides diners with a premium dining experience.

The extensive menu offers both "All you can eat" and à la carte options. With "All you can eat," guests can choose from over 100 dishes at an affordable fixed price and enjoy tasting as many dishes as they desire.

To start off a wonderful evening, you can begin with one of the appetizer drinks. Hi Sushi offers a perfect setting, whether you prefer sophisticated indoor decor or the serene outdoor ambiance with a grand harbour view.

Phone:  +356 77492269